Conversion Services
  Converting from other spreadsheet programs or upgrading from an older version of Excel
Converting from Lotus 1-2-3
This section applies to converting from any version of Lotus or any other spreadsheet program, such as QuattroPro
  • Experience in all versions of Lotus and Excel
  • Have performed many successful conversions
    • From all versions of Lotus to all versions of Excel
    • For small and large companies spanning many industries
  • InfoStat's experience saves you time and money in the conversion: we have "seen it all"
  • Individual or bulk file conversions
  • Efficient use of memory and disk space
  • Full understanding of formula and methodology differences
  • Macro conversions
  • Training, specific to the upgrade
    • Generic training courses tend to:
      • Cover what the user already knows
      • Miss the real issues in the conversion
    • Our courses are specific and to the point and on your actual spreadsheet needs
  • Training--unique courses to meet your specific needs
  • Utilize your staff, where practical, for a faster conversion and reduce cost
  • Develop a conversation plan that works
  • Typically, the Lotus files have been deveoped over a period of several years causing other "practical" conversion issues. Our experience will help identify these issues

Converting from older versions of Excel

Generally these conversion go fairly smooth and can be done without much outside assistance, if any at all. The areas that generall require professional assistance are:

  • Macro upgrades
  • Updating the formulas and/or formatting
  • Removing "clutter" from the spreadsheets
  • Streamlining the sheet and file linking
  • Depending on your specific situation, many of the issues noted in the Lotus section may apply
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