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InfoStat provides technical solutions to your real world end user needs through our Consulting and Reporting Services and on-line with our SolutionBase.  The solutions in this site may be "a how to..." in Excel or Access or step-by-step instructions on how to solve your real world problem using the appropriate software. While browsing through this site you will find many such solutions and information resources.

Obtaining data and generating reports quickly and accurately is a consistent theme in all of our services. "I need my report "Stat"! If you hear or think this phrase, then our services are used. Our Consulting, Reporting and Training Services are a major factor in our client's ability to me these goals.

What's in a name?
Our name came from our business processes and how we approach problems, our techniques and use of technology. At the same time we were receiving tremendous feedback from our customers about our ability to create processes that give results so fast. They began to use the term STAT. Thus, our name, the acronym based on our processes and the continued feedback from our customers.