Links to Other HTML Topics
This page is simply a list of various sites that contain useful information in learning about or developing or maintaining a web site. There are lots of sites with HTML and related tutorials and articles and do not claim this is an all inclusive or great list. This is just a few links that work well for a quick reference.

These pages were collected by our staff and submissions by clients. They are provided here solely as a quick reference. Some the material may be dated, yet still contains useful information and some of the material may be on the cutting-edge, but far from being useful.

Please let us know if you find a site that works good for you.

An InfoStat page devoted just to HTML color

John December's HTML Reference List

A very comprehensive list of his materials as well as links to other great sites. A good starting point for your individual study.

Special Characters

Some characters cannot be typed from a standard keyboard and some characters mean something in HTML, therefore, do not display. Here's how to get those characters on your web page. 


 § The section symbol 

 © The copyright symbol

 ® The registered trademark symbol 

Scroll down to "Entities in HTML when you get to this link

Clicking on  ISO Latin 1 character entities  when in the entities section takes you to:

A very comprehensive list on special characters.

Other Links

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