List of Topics
Creating Basic Query
     This exercise will teach you how to create basic
     queries in Access and will provide explanation with
     each step. 

Quickly Creating a Simple Query
     This exercise will get you through you first query
     quickly taking a very direct approach. It also 
     provides explanation so you understand the steps 
     as you proceed. 

Queries-Working with Dates
     Working with dates when writing queries can
     be frustrating as the syntax is different than expected
     and a bit cumbersome to work with. This article explains 
     the syntax and provided several excellent examples.

What is a Query?
     This article discusses what a query and the effect of
     what a query is on your daily work. It goes into some 
     detail that is not necessarily covered in other articles.

Using the Cross Tab Feature
     The Cross Tab feature allows for special tabulation
     of your Access data. This exercise provides 
     comprehensive example





Rev. 5/27/99