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When opening or closing any of the programs in Office 97, it may seem the action is very slow. This is a known problem in Office 97. The cause is that Microsoft Outlook creates journal entries recording the saved document and this feature is turned on by default. To speed up the file opening and closing process, follow these steps: 

To disable (turn off) the journalizing feature of Office 97: 
1.  Start Microsoft Outlook 
2.  Click on Tools (in the menu) 

3.  Click on  Options 

4.  Click the Journal  tab 

5.  In the  Also record files from   list, clear all of the check boxes 

6.  Click Apply 

7.  Click OK 

This article applies to:

Microsoft Office 97 for Windows:

  • Excel 97
  • Access 97
  • Outlook 97
  • PowerPoint 97
  • Word 97
Microsoft represents this problem has been solved with Office 97, Service Release 1 (SR-1).  To determine if SR-1 has been installed on your computer, check Help (in the menu)  About....  The version of the software will end with SR-1.

For more information about SR-1, refer to the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Article IDQ172475
Title:  OFF97:  How to Obtain and Install MS Office 97 SR-1

Excerpts of Microsoft Knowledge Base Article ID: Q167081 were used in preparing this article.