Can't Find Your Topic?

If you can't find your topic in the SolutionBase, e-mail us with your question.  In most cases, we will add it to SolutionBase within a few days at no charge to you. In some cases we may respond directly back you via e-mail. FAQ

Please keep in mind that such requests are very difficult to determine which ones to publish. We try to publish all requests that are specific to your program and have practical value to most users. For example, "how do I write a formula to determine the average wages in a list?" 

However, we get many questions that are unique to a program or have overlapping issues. For example, "how do I make an entry in the registry to make my font behave a certain way?"  or "How do I change the font on my Excel worksheet tabs?". (This is really a Windows question.)  Many such requests are difficult to truly understand what is being asked and others are dependent on the system configuration. Where practical we will attempt to answer such questions but in most cases, we will not be able to do so. But, please ask your question. This let's us know what the real issues are and, when we see a trend in the questions, it then becomes a valid topic, no matter how technical it may be.

While we try to answer most e-mail, please do not be upset if yours does not get answered. Since our mission is to provide the Internet site with solutions, it is many times not possible to answer individual requests.