Stupid Fun with Excel 97
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Excel's hidden flight simulator.  Follow these steps:
  • Click the New Button

  • To create a new workbook
  • Press F5

  • The GoTo dialog box appears
  • In the Reference box type:  X97.L97

  • Confirm your typing and click on OK (or press Enter)

  • Several cells in row 97 should be selected
  • Press the  Tab  key one time

  • The active cell should be M97
  • Hold down both the  Ctrl  and  Shift  keys and click on the Chart Wizard tool

  • Give the PC a few seconds and you should be flying!

  • Steer with the mouse and look for the credits screen and the lake area. Use the Left mouse button to move forward and the Right mouse button to move backward

  • Stop this madness by pressing  Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc