Restoring Excel Menus
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The Excel menus can be changed or customized, either through the Edit Toolbars menu or with macros. How do you get the default menus back in one easy step? 
  1. Click on  View  (in the menu), then click  Toolbars

  3. Click on  Customize

  5. Click on the  Toolbars  tab

  7. Select the desired toolbar (in the left toolbars window)

  9. Click the  Reset  button

  11. Click on  Close


This can also be accomplished by clicking on  Tools  (in the menu), then Customize

When clicking on the toolbar name in the toolbar window, click on the text. If you click the check box, the check will be removed. If you do not replace the check, the menu bar will not be visible after this dialog box is closed. 

Remember, this feature sets the menus back to the default. If you do not want this, then add or remove the custom menu items using the same features that you used to customize the menu to begin with. This most likely means doing one menu item at a time.