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Macros and VBA
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     pages and have their own List of Topics

Excel Print Ranges
     Excel prints the entire worksheet rather than
     just the highlighted range. Learn how to 
     fully understand the Excel printing process.

Printing without the Gridlines
     By default, Excel prints the worksheet gridlines.
     Learn how not to print them.

Work with Visible Cells Only
     When you highlight cells that surround hidden rows
     and columns, the next command may or may not 
     affect the hidden cells. Learn how to work with visible
     cells only.

Printing Mailing Labels from your Excel
     This exercise describes how to print mailing
     labels for your Excel Database using the mail 
     merge feature in Word.

Concatenating Cells and Text
     Adding text in one cell to the text in another
     cell gives SuperPower to your Excel worksheets.

Working with Dates in Excel
     Dates to be Treated as Text. Sometimes dates do
     not act as expected. Formatting them as text may
     solved the problem.

Working with Dates in Excel
     Numbers entered display as Dates. Why? This
     article discussed some of the traps retaled to Excel's
     Auto Formatting

Defined Names (Range Names)
     Refer to a range of cells by name rather than by
     references. A reference to SALESREPORT is much
     easier to work with than a reference such as B6:G140.

Importing Lotus Files into Excel
     Importing and working with files created in Lotus
     and other programs.

The Basics of Copying Cells in Excel
     A complete step-by-step easy-to-follow exercise for 
     those users with little or no Excel experience. When
     this exercise is completed, the user will have a full 
     understanding of the basic Copy, Cut and Paste 
     commands and the related icons, menus and 
     keyboard shortcuts.

Files Open or Close Slow
     If your files seem to open or close very slow, then
     read about a possible cause and workaround. 

Stupid Fun in Excel 97
     Excel's hidden flight simulator. Fly to the Excel
     credit screen, even get a lakeside view. 

Restoring Excel Menus
     How to reset Excel menus back to their defaults. This
     useful when there are custom menu items that are no 
     longer used or you inherit a PC with custom menu 
     items that do not apply to you. 

Customizing the Toolbar
     Learn how to add your own custom and useful buttons 
     to the Excel Toolbar.

Budget Sample
     Sample of a dynamic budgeting spreadsheet. Shows 
     actual balances to date and budgeted amounts for 
     the rest of the year. Clicking here will cause the file 
     to be downloaded to your PC. When downloaded, 
     simply doubleclick on the file name (Budget.exe) in 
     Window Explorer to extract it to an Excel file.

Zero Out
     Many spreadsheets contain lots of text, numbers and 
     formulas. Think of a typical periodic report. The text and
     formulas remaining the same from reporting period to reporting
     period (maybe month to month). However, the numbers 
     change each period. Typically, the user desires to call up
     last month's report, erase last's months numbers, leaving the 
     text and formulas intact. Then, simply add the new numbers
     for the current month. However, sometimes erasing the
     old numbers can very tedious, especially in a complex
     spreadsheet. Download this file for an example how
     to accomplish this both with and without macros.

Count Specific Characters in a Cell
    This function counts the numbers of specific characters in a cell.
    It may count the number of occurances of the letter A, the
    number of spaces, the number of backslashes or whatever
    character you choose. A variation on the same formula counts
    the number of words in the cell.








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