Consulting Services
Our services can help you reach your objectives much faster. Many project oriented or automated spreadsheets start off well, but because of the vast amount of knowledge needed to accomplished the task as it is envisioned and the lack of time or skills to quickly complete the project, short cuts are taken or the wrong feature(s) may be used, resulting in less than desirable results. Many times this doesn't matter, but sometimes it does, by limited future development or enhancements.

Our services include:

  • Automated spreadsheets, large or small
  • Spreadsheet enhancement, optimize its features
  • Spreadsheet "clean up" 
  • Create complex formulas or functions
Much of the success of a spreadsheet project involves experience and skills other than macros and formulas. We have been developing automated spreadsheets since the early days of Lotus using our business and strategic planning background. This along with other business skill have been a major factor in the success of our projects.

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